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Personal Cover 

Personal Cover 

“Protect the people you love. We will find the right cover for you and your treasured ones” 


Who will benefit | How long should cover last | What benefits to include| Basic or Comprehensive 
“Our experienced adviser team will offer advice & guidance while keeping everything simple” 


This would be payable in the event of death or terminal illness.  
This is whereby you have been given less than twelve months to live, therefore the benefit is paid out early. You are covered immediately when the policy starts, and you’re not tied into the cover. The only exclusion is suicide in the first twelve months. 
Lump Sum Cover 
This can either be a fixed amount of cover or increase each year 
Mortgage Protection 
A reducing form of life cover designed for repayment mortgage 
Family Income Benefit 
This pays out a monthly income and is used to cover the costs of living 
Top Tip: Most couples prefer to have separate covers rather than having a joint policy. This is because the cost is marginal, but you double the benefits. 


This will pay out a lump sum of money or income for a specified listed illness on the plan. 
You must meet the definition of the illness for a successful claim to be made.  
The four main claims are: Heart Attacks, Cancer, Strokes and Kids Critical Cover. 
Options with a plan: 
To include life cover in the plan is usually the same price 
Cover Children with most polices 
Each insurers policies are very different - we’ll help you choose 
Any pay out you receive is free of tax. 
Top Tip: You’re never tied into any life or critical illness contract and they have no cash in value. 


Your income drives everything and if you became too ill to work how would you survive? 
This product pays you a tax-free monthly income if you’re signed off work by a medical professional for illness or injury. This could either be for something physical or mental. 
Key Elements of Cover: 
Cover up to 50-75% of income 
You can decide how long any benefit would be paid for 
Own occupation guarantee  
Receive a monthly income till retirement if you could never work again 
You select how soon you get the money 
If you’re off work & claiming you no longer pay the monthly premium 
Rehabilitation support services 
Fixed or inflation proofed monthly benefit 
Top Tip: Ensure your policy has your ‘OWN’ occupation definition, which means even if you could do another job you don’t have to. 


Pays out whenever you pass away whenever that should be. 
It’s cover for your peace of mind that your loved ones will have financial security no matter what. 
Some of the options: 
Single or Joint 
First or Second Event 
Fixed or Indexed 
Guaranteed or Reviewable 


Provides you and your family with speedy access to quick medical treatment in a private facility. 
Avoid waiting lists 
Ensuite Rooms 
Choose your hospital  
in most cases 
Swift diagnostic tests 
Access to top consultants 
Hospital cleanliness 
Specialist drugs & treatments 
Different levels of cover to suit budgets 
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